Yeah Trad Vibe records make a Digipack CD to 100 copy !!
available on bandcamp !!


here is a Tribute Mixtape to the 411VM !! Remember 90s when Hip-Hop meets Skateboard Videos ;-)
Download Mp3 here

Tracklist :

Doc TMK – Sad Ft. Rush Davis
Luman Child FEAT. IZA BROWN – Was It Better
Lovebirds – Icarus (Tall Black Guy Remix ft. 80’s Babies)
Omar Feat. Leon ware – Gave My Heart (Rob Hardt Remix)
DJ Format – Still Hungry
Y Society – Know The Meaning
Joutro Mundo – Energia
Wez – Keepin’ Love New
Amp Fiddler – Slippin on Ya Pimpin (Situation Remix)
Rakim X Chagrin d’Amour (Moar Supablend)
Fingerman – Get My Luvin’
Ray – I still want you
Guy Cuevas – Obsession (Jay Airiness Remix)